Dennistoun Masonic Halls Association

In 1893 a committee named Dennistoun Masonic Halls Association made enquiries about a plot of land. It’s purpose was for a new Masonic hall, the land looked at was part of the Dennistoun Estate. The Estate covered 200 acres and was owned by Alexander Dennistoun.

alexander dennistoun

The Agents for the estate agreed to lease the land for 40p per sq.yard (approx. £412 in total) which was deferred for a year due to the building work.

In August 1893 Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow visited the site and examined all aspects including a plan of the proposed building, they stated that “in their opinion the hall would be in every way suitable for Masonic Purposes”. Because of this visit and before work had started the Title Deeds to the land were amended to correspond with the new circumstances. The Title deeds were very specific about the type of building that would be allowed

dennistoun hall 2

The building work started in September 1893 and the building work took 7 months to complete, which should be of interest to freemasons, it being another 7 to add to others we know already, especially in regard to the building of a masonic temple.

A watershed was reached on 14th March 1894, when the first masonic meeting was held within the premises at 133 Whitehill Street. This is also the date of the consecration of the premises for masonic purposes, and a Large Deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge headed by Provincial Grand Master John Graham of Broadstone carried out the ceremonial work involve with due dignity.

john graham of broadstone

Lodge Scotia No.178 took over the Hall in 1922 all though the lodge were involved many years before.

The stone plaque is above the door which gives you the year the hall was built.

4004 year of light that god created the universe + 1893 gives you the 5897

Anno Lucis is Latin for "Year of Light." You will also see it abbreviated as "A.L." It is used as a calendar system within the Freemason fraternity.

Year of Light refers to the biblical account of the creation of the universe wherein God spoke and said: "Let there be light,...and there was light." (Genesis 1:3)

stone plaque 2

In the summer of 1959 the hall used by the Pupils of Whitehill secondary school as a gymnasium while the school was being renovated.

Other Lodges and Organisations that have been tenents in the hall are…

Lodge St. Kentigern No.976     1909-1996 (Lodge now Dormant)

Lodge Salfire No.1505   1981-Present, Lodge St.Marks No.102 1989-present, Lodge Greyfriars No.1221 (Now Dormant)

O.E.S Alexandra Chapter No.8 1912-Present, O.E.S Riddrievale No.284 (Now Dormant)

Now elsewhere.

Lodge Alexandra No.1282, Lodge Union No.332, Lodge Blythswood No.817

Dennistoun Masonic Hall is the Oldest working Purpose built hall in the west of Scotland and still in use today.


Extracts taken from the Book, The 1st 200 years history of Lodge Scotia. Written by Past Master William Morrison Lodge Scotia No.178