Bridgeton, Glasgow Shamrock & Thistle Lodge Presentations

On Friday 14th June Substitute Provincial Grand Master William Newlands visited The Bridgeton, Glasgow Shamrock & Thistle lodge No.275. He was accompanied by Substitute Provincial Grand Master James McMillan, Substitute Provincial Grand Master Gordon M. Heggie, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies  Richard Anderson and Steward Malcolm Murray.


The deputation was warmly received by the Master Bro. John Hutchison and Substitute Provincial Grand Master William Newlands made presentations to the following brethren:

Bro. William Gorrie M.M and Bro. Eric Graham M.M. 50 years service certificate.

Bro Jim McDonald P.M. 60 years sevice certificate.

Thereafter the deputation witnessed a very full and competent M.M. degree by Lodge Neptune No.419 on the grandson of Bro Eric Graham.

Afterwards, a very enjoyable harmony was had with the brethren.