Lodge Clydesdale No.556 Reigning Masters

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On Friday 19th July 2019, Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master James McMillan accompanied by Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master William Newlands, Steward Malcolm Murray and Steward Alan Duthie attended Lodge Clydesdale No.556 and were warmly welcomed by Thomas Loftus Master.

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On this Occassion The degree for the evening was a Entered Apprentice degree conferred on Past Master Keith Hodgson (The Glasgow Star Lodge No.219).

The Deputation consisted of 22 Reigning masters from 7 different Provinces (Glasgow, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Stirlingshire, Renfrewshire East, Lanarkshire Middle Ward and Lanarkshire Upper ward. They were headed by James Savage Master Mother Kilwinning No.0. Conferring Master for the evening was Alan Cuthill Master Lodge Partick St.Mary's No.117 also Sustitute Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow.

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The Brethren in attendance (110) were treated to a degree of a very high standard from the Reigning Masters and showed their appreciation afterwards.

Provincial Grand Lodge Retired and returned to join the Brethren for a spot of Hospitality and Harmony.

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