A Message from the Provincial Grand Master

Brethren ,

At this dreadful and unprecedented time during peacetime it is imperative that we, in our beloved Craft remain true to our Masonic Principles, our bedrock of Faith, Hope and Charity underpinned by Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Brethren, keep your Faith in our frontline services who protect us daily. Hope that science will overcome our distress and our most vulnerable will be protected at this desperate time and remember to be Charitable to those less fortunate than ourselves.

At every opportunity show Brotherly Love to your fellow Masons and others, give succour and Relief, when required, to your friends and neighbours.

The Truth of our Principles will prevail.

Please keep safe.

I send all of you my best wishes and look forward to meeting up with you again in the hopefully not too distant future.

Andrew Mushet

Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow


'Let Glasgow Freemasonry Flourish'