A Message from the Provincial Grand Master

Welcome to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow’s website. I trust you will find it of interest and that it will assist in enlightening you about Freemasonry in general and Glasgow Freemasonry in particular.

The Province of Glasgow with 77 Lodges is the largest Province within the Scottish Constitution, which has some 32 Provinces, 26 Districts, 7 Superintendencies and 19 Lodges under the Direct Supervision of Grand Lodge, giving over 980 Lodges throughout the World.

I am the 36th Provincial Grand Master of the Province which has had a couple of titular changes throughout its history stretching back to the "Western Counties" having a Provincial Grand Master appointed in 1739. I would like to thank the Freemasons of Glasgow for bestowing upon me the privilege of leading and serving the Province as its Provincial Grand Master.

We are an ancient organisation with our roots firmly planted within the operative Masons who built many of our magnificent medieval structures which can still be observed to this day.

Scottish Freemasonry has a big story to tell, especially in today’s modern, and at times, secular world, where our social, non-sectarian and giving organisation can make a difference by encouraging a fraternal, spiritual and charitable ethos to exist within and beyond our membership, diffusing into the communities in which we live.

To find out more please explore our site and visit the Grand Lodge of Scotland's site here.

As we enter a new decade may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous time to come and I encourage the members of our Lodges simply to 


'Let Glasgow Freemasonry Flourish'


Andrew Mushet

Provincial Grand Master

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