On Thursday 12 March 2020, Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Brother James McMillan, headed a deputation to Lodge Galen, No. 1285 for their Annual Visitation from Provincial Grand Lodge.

1285 PGL and Rom

On this occasion the Lodge had the pleasure of being visited by a deputation of Brethren from the National Grand Lodge of Romania from Lodges in Bucharest and Brasov.

1285 PGM and Catalin

One of the Romanian Brethren, Brother Catalin Mogoseanu, who is a Past Master of Lodge Cavalerii Fratiei No. 350 in Bucharest, was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Galen. He is pictured above with Brother Allan Dawson, the Master of 1285 and Brother Andrew Mushet, a Past Master of 1285 and Provincial Grand Master.

After the meeting, during which Brother McMillan gave a very favourable report on the Lodge's year under Brother Robert McLean's leadership, the Provincial Deputation and Romanian Brethren enjoyed some harmony with the members of Lodge Galen.

1285 Group

On Saturday 14 March 2020 the Romanian Brethren and their partners were accompanied on a short tour of Argyll by some of the Galen Brethren and took part in a whisky tasting in Oban. They returned home on Sunday 15 March having thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

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