From Darkness To Light


At this black time my thoughts turned to an earlier period in our history - 1920 a century ago , when the world had just stumbled out of the carnage of WW1. A time of renewed hope and excitement only to be dashed and crushed by another horrific enemy, the onset of the Spanish Flu' (1918-1920), which decimated the many millions world wide in the region of 250,000 across the UK with over 1000 in Scotland, yet out of the darkness several Masonic Lodges were raised in our wonderful city which still operate today and indeed have had, or are about to celebrate their Centenaries.

Lodge Springburn No.1198

Lodge Kelvin Partick No.1207

Lodge Stepps No.1213

Lodge Anima No.1223

The Trades House of Glasgow Lodge No.1241

Lodge Southern Cross No.1243

These Lodges have survived much turmoil over the past one hundred years and I as Provincial Grand Master along with the Provincial Grand Lodge Commission, Office-Bearers and Stewards salute them for their steadfastness in carrying the light of Freemasonry within our vibrant, dear green place and beyond.


Andrew Mushet

Provincial Grand Master

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