The Grand Lodge of Scotland booklet “Guidance for Almoners” lays out the various roles of the Almoner of a Lodge.

One of the Paragraphs in the booklet that caught my attention was the following: “The support required may not always be financial- in some cases it may simply be a listening ear or some advice that is needed.” I totally agree and for brethren living alone, I’m sure a phone call would be much appreciated.

While I acknowledge that the Almoners in our Province do their very best throughout the year to help brethren and families in need, we are now faced with a pandemic that has made the office of Almoner all the more demanding. With that in mind, can I suggest that Lodges pool their resources so that it is not just the Almoner who contacts brethren to check that they are managing but that this duty is shared by a team arranged by the principal Office Bearers of the Lodge. I am aware of many Lodges already doing this and making sure their members are all okay.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow is extremely blessed as we are led by Brethren who have taken it upon themselves to assist me in contacting our elderly and vulnerable brethren (I know many of you will be surprised to know I am classed as being in both those categories!). If you are aware of any brother requiring assistance, please let the office know so we can help.

I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and while times get harder as they surely will, I leave you with the words of the final verse of “Good Deeds” by W.A. Kunce.

But I cannot turn back the hands of time
Nor live my life anew;
But the rest of my days I can surely spend
In seeing the good I can do.


Frederick G. Quinn
Provincial Grand Almoner
Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow

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