On Sunday 22 August 2021, the first Summer Seminar of 2021 was held using Zoom. The event was moved online this year due to the ongoing situation with Covid but this presented the opportunity for Brethren from the other Provinces and the Districts to attend.

Seminar screen

The event was opened by the Depute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Alan Cuthill, who is the Chairman of the Museum, Education and Library Committee. He handed over to the Provincial Grand Master who warmly welcomed the attendees.

Brother Cuthill then introduced the first speaker, Brother Rev. Mark Johnstone who presented an excellent talk on Glasgow Cathedral and the relevance of a 12th Century building in a 21st Century city.

Seminar MJ

This fascinating talk provided many insights into the history and construction of the Cathedral and was followed by a lively question and answer session.

After a short recess, the Depute Provincial Grand Master introduced Brother David A. Reid who presented a talk on Heraldry and in particular, its use by Masonic Lodges for their Crests and Arms. This was a very interesting introduction to the world of heraldry and Brother Reid took the time to explain the backgorund to numerous Arms, including those of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow.

PGLoG crestsmallSeminar DR


The presentation was concluded with a question and answer session before Brother Cuthill thanked the speakers for their efforts. The seminar was closed by the Provincial Grand Master who thanked all for their attendance. 

On Sunday 29 August 2021 the second seminar was held and was opened in the same manner as the previous one. Brother Cuthill introduced Brother David W. Brown, the first speaker, who presented a very interesting talk on The Caledonian Railway Lodge, No. 354.

Seminar DB

This lecture introduced attendees to the history of the Caledonian Railway and covered the formation of the Lodge, its connection to the railway and its journey through the years to the current day. A question and answer session followed which was concluded by the Depute Provincial Grand Master thanking Brother Brown for his efforts.

After a short recess, the attendees were treated to a presentation on Freemasonry prior to 1717 by Brother Robert L. D. Cooper.

Seminar BC

This lecture gave a fascinating insight into the workings of the Craft in that time and was again followed by a short question and answer session. Brother Cooper is one of the foremost speakers on masonic matters and the Brethren were delighted to hear him speak.

Brother Cuthill thanked all the speakers for their fantastic presentations and for all the research and hard work that had clearly gone into them. The seminar was closed by the Provincial Grand Master who thanked all involved in organising the events, the speakers and most importantly the attendees. 

The seminars were attended by Brethren from the Provinces and Districts of the Scottish Craft as well as Sister Constitutions. There were attendees from numerous countries including Gambia, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Lebanon and Australia.

The Museum, Education and Library Committee extend their thanks to all who spoke, attended and enjoyed an afternoon of Masonic Fellowship and education. Please look out for our 2022 Seminar which will be a hybrid event with physical and online attendance possible so the Brethren from the overseas Lodges can attend.