On Sunday 14th November 2021, The Provincial Grand Master Brother Andrew Mushet attended the Service of Remembrance at George Square, Glasgow. He was accompanied by Provincial Grand Senior Warden Brother Stephen Urie, Provincial Grand Junior Warden Brother Alistair Hill, Provincial Grand Senior Deacon Brother George Greig, Vice President of Stewards Brother Ronald Lewis and Brother Robert Sawers member of the board of stewards.

Remembrance sunday 2021

The Provincial Grand Master Brother Mushet had the great pleasure of laying a wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of The Glasgow Freemasons.

Remember still those souls who tried

To save the world, but many died.

A moment stolen for a tear,

As we recall those unlived years.

The camaraderie that flew those souls back home to those they knew,

And loved them dear and held them close,

But for our sakes released to foes.

The silence that they leave behind

Is space to calm the troubled minds of those they loved

And can't rewind.

Again this day we give our thanks

For those returned from serving ranks

And them as gave it all away

Forever in our minds they will stay

Remembrance 2