On Friday 11 March 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, Brother Andrew Mushet, and numerous members of Lodges in the Province gathered to mark the retirement of Patricia Campbell who has been the Office Secretary since 1985.


The gathering was held in the premises of Lodge Tollcross, No. 1194 and numerous Lodge Secretaries as well as members of Provincial Grand Lodge were in attendance to show their apprecation for all that Mrs Campbell has done for the Province over the years.

The Provincial Grand Master welcomed those in attendance and then handed over to Past Provincial Grand Master, Brother William C. Shepherdson who shared his memories of working with Mrs Campbell with all those assembled. Brother Shepherdson was the Provincial Grand Master when Mrs Campbell started all those years ago.

Next to pay tribute to her was Past Provincial Grand Master, Brother Alistair Henderson who was the Provincial Grand Secretary for over 20 years and worked closely with Mrs Campbell in running the administration of the Province. He spoke very highly of her integrity, discretion and loyalty and thanked her for all she had done to assist him in his time as Provincial Grand Secretary.

Brother James C. Peddie, Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master and Substitute Grand Master, then spoke about his experiences of working with Mrs Campbell and thanked her for all that she had done to assist him over the years. 


(From L-R Andrew Paterson, Past Depute Grand Master, Alistair Henderson PPGM, William C. Shepherson PPGM, Mrs Campbell,
Andrew Mushet PGM, James C. Peddie Immediate Past PGM and Alan Cuthill, Depute PGM)

Mrs Campbell then gave a speech mentioning that she had served 7 Provincial Grand Masters over a period of 36 years and 7 months which wasn't at all what she expected when she started on a 3 month contract on 28 May 1985.  She thanked the present and past Commissioned Office-bearers, the Lodge Secretaries, the Board of Examiners and in particular, the many Office Volunteers who have assisted over the years. She made special mention of Brother Angus McI. Spark, Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary, Brother Robert G. Neilson, PSPGW and Brother Allan Jenkins, Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master who are the current "Boys" in the Office. She also thanked Ms Andrena Fisher, the Office Cleaner for all her work over the years.

Mrs Campbell mentioned that it was a job like no other - she spoke of how she knew people on a very personal level, knew their families, shared happy news and at times sadness. She will miss all the characters but is very much enjoying her retirement. She finished by extending her thanks for all the cards, flowers, gifts and good wishes that she has received from the Province, the Lodges and from individual Brethren. 


Mrs Campbell and some of the Office Volunteers, Past and Present

The Provincial Grand Master concluded by wishing Mrs Campbell all the best for a long, healthy and happy retirement before the assembled guests enjoyed a buffet lunch.