On Thursday 13 December 2018, the Provincial Grand Master, Brother James Campbell Peddie, attended at the Regular Meeting of Lodge Galen, No. 1285.  He had been invited by the Lodge to attend and present a certificate to Brother Robert S. Smith, to recognise his 60th year as a member of the Scottish Craft.

1285 60

The Provincial Grand Master spoke about Brother Smith's time as a member of Lodge Galen and thanked him for his service to the Lodge before presenting him with his Diamond Certificate accompanied by the Master of the Lodge, Brother Robert McLean.  Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother James McMillan was also in attendance. 

1285 60 smiths

Brother Smith was delighted to receive his certificate and the occasion was very special for his son and grandson who are also members of the Lodge.  His son, Brother John A. Smith is a Past Master of the Lodge and is pictured above with his own son, Brother Robert Smith Jnr.  Also pictured (on the left) is Brother Andrew Mushet, a Past Master of Lodge Galen who is also the Depute Provincial Grand Master.  

Brother Smith was initiated into Lodge Galen on the 11 December 1958 and is the oldest member of the Lodge at 91 years old.  He is also the longest serving member of the Lodge and the Provincial Grand Master wished him many years of health to come.

Having presented Brother Smith with his Diamond Certificate, the Provincial Grand Master then addressed the Brethren and informed him that he had nominated Brother Frederick G. Quinn, a Past Master of Lodge Galen, for Honorary Grand Rank to recognise his contribution to the Province and the Craft in general. He announced that he was delighted to inform the Brethren that the Grand Master Mason had agreed with his recommendation and had awarded Brother Quinn the rank of Honorary Grand Almoner in the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

1285 HGR

The Provincial Grand Master then presented Brother Quinn with a certificate confirming his Honorary Grand Rank and spoke about the work he has done for the Province.  Brother Quinn, who is also the Provincial Grand Almoner, thanked the Provincial Grand Master and told the Brethren that he was both honoured and humbled.

The Office Bearers of Lodge Galen then conferred an Entered Apprentice Degree on their latest initiate and after the Ceremony, the Provincial Grand Master and Substitute Provincial Grand Master joined the Brethren for a Christmas Dinner followed by a Quiz.  The Provincial Grand Master's team came a close second but were narrowly beaten by a team including the Depute Provincial Grand Master! 

A very enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow extend hearty congratulations to Brother Smith and Brother Quinn.