It wasn’t so long ago Lodge The Prince’s was struggling for numbers and the future looked bleak. But in recent years, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Brethren within the Lodge and affiliates from other Lodges who came in to assist, there has been a dramatic resurgence with over 14 new candidates in the last couple of years. In addition, visitor numbers have increased, and they thank everyone who has supported their old Lodge.  

On Monday 2nd December 20195  Entered Apprentices will embark on the next stage of their Masonic journey when they will take part in the Fellow Craft Degree conducted by Lodge The Prince’s Brethren.

The Lodge tyles at 6.30 pm and they would cordially invite you to join them on this special evening. If you haven’t witnessed their famous harmonies, they extend an invitation to join them for a meal, convivial company and wonderful entertainment.

Taking part in the Ceremony will be the newest laid ‘stane’ Brother Iain Cadden, who is pictured with the Master Brother Ian A. Macpherson MBE,  Office Bearers and Brethren from the Lodge after his recent initiation.

607 pic

The Lodge Annual Installation will take place on Monday 4th November, with a 5.30 pm tyle, when Master Elect, Brother David McLaren will be installed in the Chair. Once again an invitation is extended to all Brethren to join them at the Lodge in Mafeking Street, Ibrox, Glasgow.

As the 5 Entered Apprentices breathe new life into the Lodge, supporting the ancient and honourable Institution that is Scottish Freemasonry, it is worth reflecting on the words of our National Bard, Brother Robert Burns:

From scenes like these old Scotia's grandeur springs,
That makes her lov'd at home, rever'd abroad:
Princes and lords are but the breath of kings,
"An honest man's the noblest work of God";


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow wish the 5 new members of the Lodge every success in the future and hope the resurgence of Lodge the Prince's continues for a long time.


Article and photograph submitted by Brother Iain T. Gordon, IPM, Lodge The Prince's, No. 607.