On Sunday 24 February 2019, the New Intrants Meeting was held at the premises of Lodge Alexandra No. 1282 in Wood Street, Glasgow. The meeting was very well attended by 33 of the newest Freemasons in Glasgow who were supported by senior members of their Lodges. 

NIM Crowd2

The meeting was opened by Brother Alan Cuthill, Substitute Provincial Grand Master and Chair of the Museum, Library and Education Committee.  He welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. Brother Cuthill explained the importance of the meeting as it allows the newest members of the Craft in the Province to meet the Commissioned Office Bearers of Provincial Grand Lodge and increases their understanding of how the 77 Lodges in Glasgow are administered. NIM AC


Brother Cuthill then introduced the Provincial Grand Master, Brother James C. Peddie, who also welcomed the attendees and encouraged suggestions and questions from the new intrants. 

Brother Allan Dickson of Lodge Galen No. 1285 was then introduced and spoke to the meeting regarding his experiences of Freemasonry so far, explaining to the new Brethren that he was in their position at last years meeting. He told the new intrants of his reasons for joining Freemasonry and encouraged them to make the most of the experience as he had done, indicating that he has already met numerous interesting people that he otherwise would not have encountered. 

Brother Cuthill thanked Brother Dickson and then introduced the Depute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Andrew Mushet, to the assembled brethren.  Brother Mushet congratulated the new Brethren on joining their respective Lodges then spoke to them regarding various matters including traditions, etiquette, and dress code for meetings.  He explained that the new brethren are the future of the Province and encouraged them to ensure standards are maintained.  He explained the contents of the welcome pack that each attendee had been given and then wished them all every happiness for the future.

Brother Andrew Buchanan of Partick St. Mary's Lodge No. 117 was then introduced and he explained that he was also a new intrant at last years meeting.  He spoke to the brethren about his time in Freemasonry so far and told them how everone he had met had made an exceptional effort to ensure he felt welcomed and part of the Order.  He finished by telling the meeting that he very much looks forward to the future.


Brother Cuthill then introduced Brother N. Grant MacLeod, a Past Master of Lodge Houston St. Johnstone No. 242, Past Master of the Anchor Lodge of Research No. 1814 and Past Provincial Grand Secretary of the Province of Renfrewshire East, to the Brethren. 

Brother MacLeod gave an interesting and informative presentation to the New Intrants and explained the world wide nature of the Scottish Constitution.  He explained to the Brethren how unique the Scottish Craft was with Lodges having individual rituals, traditions and regalia and he highlighted this through comparison to other constitutions, supported by a slide show. 

NIM Speaker

The Brethren were given a brief insight into the many "firsts" which exist in the Scottish Craft including the use of the word "Lodge" in 1696, the oldest minute from 1598, the first use of the terms Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft as well as the earliest evidence of the Master Mason Degree. 

He encouraged the Brethren to visit other Lodges to see for themselves the variety that exists across the Province and beyond. He finished his excellent presentation by encouraging the Brethren to be proud of their Masonic Heritage and told them that the future of the Craft rested in their hands.

Brother Cuthill thanked Brother MacLeod for his presentation and there then followed a questions and answer session with senior members of the Commission. 

NIM Group

Brother Cuthill thanked all in attendance for their support and made special mention of the assistance given by Lodge Alexandra No. 1282 for providing the use of their premises and to Brother Peter Morrison of that Lodge for setting up the hall. He also thanked the members of his committee for their help in organising the event as well as all the speakers who had assisted on the day.

The Provincial Grand Master then thanked Brother Cuthill for his efforts and closed the meeting.  All of the new Brethren in attendance were given a certificate to mark the occasion.