On Friday 22 April 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, Brother Andrew Mushet, accompanied by Brethren from across the Province and their partners, attended at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow to see Simply the Phoenix, All in an April Evening. This was a special concert by the Glasgow Phoenix Choir to premiere a special new work from their renowned Hon. President, Bob Chilcott, entitled "Opening".

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Those in attendance were treated to a spectacular range of music performed by the very talented Choir who were conducted by Cameron Murdoch. The new work to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Choir (and the 120th Anniversary of the Orpheous Choir) was sponsored by the Freemasons of Glasgow.

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The Provincial Grand Master presented a cheque to Gillian Downie, the Choir's Treasurer, for £4000.

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John Blue, the Choir's Business Manager thanked the Provincial Grand Master and the Freemasons of Glasgow for the sponsorship of the anniversay commission and spoke of how nice it was to see a return to live performances.

The world premiere of the new piece was especially poignant as the return to normality after the difficult times caused by the pandemic lends a deeper meaning to the words.

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